My Mortality

Funny how you know the truth

Before he says a word,

I didn’t really need the proof

Even though that’s what I heard.


I travelled home alone that day

My mind and body numb

I didn’t know just what to say

I had been struck quite dumb.


They have become quite discerning

They watch me constantly

They see inside my mind; it’s yearning

To share some honesty.


I wait each day for information

And finally it’s here

With it arrives a new sensation

My mind it is now clear

My heart it soars towards the sky

My eyes release hot tears

It seems I’m not about to die

They want to soothe my fears.


I cling to son and daughter too

And to the one who shares my life

I try to tell them all that’s true

Although it cuts just like a knife.


The surgeon has explained it all

For him it’s just routine

I fear the darkness, as I fall

Induced by strange machine.


I dream, I think, of pleasant things

Of picnics, sun and sea

Of Christmases; of choirs that sing

And the love that surrounds me.


I feel the hope surge in my breast

When next I see bright light

I was told this surgeon was the best

When I first learned my plight.


The one I love more than words express

Is sitting by my bed

He touches me; a sweet caress

No words need to be said.


“All’s well, my love” I hear him say

“It was a great success

We can go forward from this day

No more need for more distress”.


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