A Diamond Morning

“Mmmm” yawned the Queen as she climbed out of bed,

Taking care not to wake Mr Sleepy Head!

“Sleep a little longer, my dearest” she thought

“I can breakfast alone this morn of import”


She slipped on her robe and rang for some tea

Then sat in her armchair and, distractedly,

Reached down to pat her beloved Willow.

Then moved on to Monty and Holly also.


The tea tray arrived, with croissants and jam.

“Just you for breakfast this morning, Ma’am?”

“I’m letting him sleep, we’ve a big day ahead,

I’ll ring down again when he gets out of bed.”


Left alone with her dogs her mind began racing,

“Oh my goodness! What a grand day I’m facing!”

One can hardly believe where the years have flown

And I’m so happy not to have journeyed alone.


Dearest Philip, so constant, a rock, there’s no doubt.

I do hope he feels able to see this day out.”

“Good morning, me dear, are you feeling the strain?

I know how you hate standing out in the rain.”


“Oh Philip, you startled me, come, sit down with me,

I’ll just ring back down and ask for your tea.”

“So, how’re feeling old girl, another celebration,

You’ve had so many now to please this great nation.”


“Yes, I know, you’d think one would have grown tired

But, I still get a thrill out of being admired!

So many people still cheer and salute us

I’m sure you agree it’s a wonderful fuss!”


“As long as you continue to rule and inspire

And create good feeling amongst all who admire,

I’ll stand right beside you, secretly holding your hand

Until the time comes for us to leave this great land.”


Now come along dear, your big day is looming

And you still have to dress and, I’m assuming

You will need your hair coiffed, nails buffed and so on

So I’ll leave you to deal with such things on your own.”


“Thank you, my dearest, for understanding

And for being there for me without ever demanding,

For supporting me, helping me and keeping me sane

And for always standing by me, come sun or rain.”


“Ma’am, Miss Kelly is here, are you ready to dress?”

“Indeed I am, today I need to impress!

Angela, my dear, you look just divine

I do hope I look just as good in mine!”


“Ma’am you are always the epitome of grace

And today, I promise, you’ll bring down the place!

The news commentators will gasp and expound

And your picture will travel the world around.”


“Oh, I do hope the weather plays kind today

I worry for the Duke when it’s cold, damp and grey.

His health is not what it was, you know

And I so want him by me for the whole show.”


“Oh ma’am, don’t worry I’m sure he’ll be fine

He’ll be too busy having a good time!”

“I do so despair that he suffers from ‘ennui’

It must be so dull when all eyes are on me!”


“Ma’am, he adores you, the whole world can see that!

Now, come along, let me fix your hat!

There! You look wonderful, as you always do,

The whole outfit is splendid, it is so you!


The Duke will be proud to stand by your side

And watch all the boats sail the Thames on the tide.

Now, I think the car is arriving quite soon

Shall we go and wait in the drawing room?”


“That’s a grand idea, make sure Philip is told

We can have some tea to ward off the cold.

One would never expect such weather in June

I do hope the rain moves away soon!


“Ah Philip, here you are, are you ready to go?”

“Ready and willing, quite excited you know!”

“Well a river pageant isn’t something one sees every day,

Such a splendid idea, now wouldn’t you say?”


“Sir, Ma’am, if you’re ready your chauffeur awaits,

He wants to leave shortly; it wouldn’t do to be late!”

“Here we go then, me dear, come lean on me,

Sixty years as the Queen everyone longs to see!”


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