So, Just who am I?

To them I am the little girl

They always hoped and longed for.

To her I am the big sister

Who used to tease and taunt her.


To him I was his first true love

Who made his life worth living

To them I am the employee       

There to do their bidding.


To all of those upon the bus

I am the one who’s always reading

To my friends from all around the globe

I’m the one who’s always eating!


I am the aunt who buys you sweets

And reads you bedtime stories

The one who laughs at all your jokes

And listens to your worries.


I am the joker who put balloons in your bed

Whilst you were on holiday

I am the lover who fulfils you

Each and every Sunday.


I am the one who falls asleep

The minute a film begins

The one who turns up the song

Every time the telephone rings.


I am the person thus defined

By the way I am perceived

To me I am just the sum

Of all I have achieved.


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