Meanderings of a 50 year old

So, it finally happened, we both hit the big 50! To be honest I don’t feel 50 but then, what does 50 feel like?  Don’t know haven’t done it before! I’m told that I don’t look 50 either but it’s an old face that looks back at me from the mirror and it gets slightly more tricky each morning to hide the bags and wrinkles in the eye area.

The other part of getting older that I really hate is the fact that I am now aware of parts of my body that were just there and working before. I can’t climb stairs anymore without hearing my left knee click and clack with each step.  My right wrist seems intent on reminding me that I have been using a computer mouse for far too many years now and my neck and shoulders feel the same about the hunching over a keyboard and monitor.

It does me no good to dwell on these things – I have to earn a living and the only way I really know how involves doing just these activities. To try to alleviate these annoying conditions I have been researching various natural remedies and considering which supplements may be beneficial.

The choice is so vast that I give up exhausted and pour another glass of red instead – it doesn’t stop the click-clacking or the wrist creaking but it does mean I stop noticing so much!





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