A Surreal Moment at the Pub!

A night out on Thursday contained a rather surreal moment when a friend offered Neil and I a drink. When the can of Strongbow appeared on the bar accompanied by a glass full of ice, Neil promptly tipped the ice into a dirty glass also on the bar. Ian (the friend) looked a little perplexed but I realised what was in Neil’s head! As I reached over to attract the bar-lady’s attention I managed to knock over the glass of red wine that had just been put down in front of me!  Poor Ian is now looking at his ice-free glass which is paddling in a puddle of red wine.
Neil feels the need to explain at this point whilst I look on sheepishly and the bar-lady mops up the mess and replenishes Ian’s glass with ice and mine with more red wine! (Which I probably shouldn’t have had anyway!)
The whole scenario lasted around 45 seconds and was all because Neil assumed (wrongly!) that the Strongbow was for me and I don’t like ice with mine!


One thought on “A Surreal Moment at the Pub!

  1. In those drinkin’ days of mine, I probably spilled as much as I drank. The Atlantic Ocean was created as a result. Thanks visit my blog. I do not see “notify new posts” box below or “follow” in widgets or I would subscribe. Suggest add….

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